The working plan of the research project is made up of three interconnected work packages (WP), for which the partner institutes will contribute according to their specific professional perspective: WP 1 will serve to objectify the insecurity-situation, WP 2 will identify subjective perceptions of insecurity, and WP 3 will develop non-military courses of actions, aimed at protecting maritime trade against piracy and terrorism. In addition, an independent cross-sectional research module (WP 4) will form the political-science-superstructure for the joint research project as an empirical study to check and further develop the concept of non-military “Security Governance”.

Work package 1: Objective Insecurity-situation 

1.1. Security Policy Analysis (IFSH)

1.2. Economic Analysis (DIW)

1.3. Safety-related Analysis (TUHH)

1.4. Legal Analysis (BLS)

1.5. Strategic Future-analysis (ISZA)


Work package 2: Subjective Insecurity-perception 

2.1. Economic Actors (IFSH, DIW, TUHH, BLS)

2.2. State Actors (IFSH, ISZA)



Work package 3: Non-military Courses of Action 

3.1. The role of Private Security Companies (IFSH)

3.2. Economic Courses of Action (DIW)

3.3. Safety-related Courses of Action (TUHH)

3.4. Legal Courses of Action (BLS)

3.5. Governmental Courses of Action (IFSH, ISZA)

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Arbeitspaket 1,2 und 3 sind in Wechselwirkung mit Arbeitspaket 4.

Work package 4: Cross-sectional research module (IFSH) 

4.1. Developement of the basic Concept „Security Governance”

4.2. Connecting the results and Communication

4.3.  Final Conference and final publications